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Committee Staff

Republican Staff

Rick May (Staff Director)                          
Jim Herz (Deputy Staff Director)                          
Jenna Spealman (Deputy Policy Director)                          
Andy Morton (Chief Economist)
Tim Flynn (Senior Economist)                           
Patrick Louis Knudsen (Senior Advisor to the Chairman)
Eric Davis (Director of Scheduling and Policy Advisor)                           
Ryan Murphy (Communications Director)
William Allison (Press Secretary)                          
Maeve Gallivan (Digital Director)                          
Ashley Palmer (Senior Policy Advisor)                        
Jim Bates (Chief Counsel)                        
Mary Popadiuk (Senior Counsel)                          
Jonathan Romito (Counsel)                          
Elise Anderson (Counsel)                          
Policy Advisors                          
Jenna Spealman (Deputy Policy Director)                          
Function 050: National Defense                          
Function 970: OCO/War on Terrorism (Lead)                          
Steve Gonzalez (Policy Advisor)                          
Function 700: Veterans Benefits and Services                          
Function 150: International Affairs
Function 370: US Postal Service                          
Function 970: OCO/War on Terrorism
Eric Davis (Policy Advisor)                          
Function 250: General Science, Space, and Technology
Function 750: Administration of Justice
Robert Yeakel (Policy Advisor)
Function 370: Commerce and Housing Credit
Function 400: Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Function 450: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)                          
Function 750: Homeland Security, Immigration, IT and Cybersecurity                          
Function 800: General Government                           
Ellen Johnson (Senior Policy Advisor)                          
Function 150: International Finance                          
Function 370: Housing and Financial Services                          
Function 450: Flood Insurance and Community Development                          
Function 600: Housing and Urban Development                          
Function 650: Social Security                          
Function 800: Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service                          
Andy Morton (Policy Advisor and Chief Economist)                          
Function 350: Agriculture                          
Emily Goff (Senior Policy Advisor)                          
Function 400: Transportation
Function 500: Education                          
Brad Watson (Senior Policy Advisor)
Function 500: Training, Employment, and Social Services
Function 600: Income Security
Caleb Graff (Policy Advisor)                          
Function 550: Medicaid and Health (Lead)
Function 570: Medicare                          
Amanda Street (Senior Policy Advisor)
Function 550: Medicaid and Health
Function 570: Medicare (Lead)
Ashley Palmer (Senior Policy Advisor)
Function 550: Medicaid and Health
Function 570: Medicare
Kyle Cormney (Senior Policy Advisor)
Function 270: Energy                          
Function 300: Natural Resources and Environment                            
Function 600: Federal Pensions
Tax Policy
Jim Herz (Policy Director and Director of Budget Review)
Function 900: Net Interest
Function 920: Allowances
Function 950: Offsetting Receipts
Alex Stoddard (Chief Administrative Officer)                          
Jose Guillen (Manager of Information Systems)
Benjamin Gardenhour (Executive Assistant)