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Committee Staff

Republican Staff

Austin Smythe (Staff Director)                          
Andy Morton (Deputy Staff Director)                          
Tim Flynn (Chief Economist)                          
Vanessa Day (Digital Director)
Brian Bolduc (Communications Director)                          
Dennis Teti (Communications Advisor)                          
Derrick Dockery (Press Assistant)                        
Paul Restuccia (Chief Counsel)                        
Nicole Foltz (Counsel)                        
Mary Popadiuk (Counsel)                          
Jonathan Romito (Counsel)                          
Jonathan Burks (Policy Director)                          
Function 050: National Defense                          
Jim Herz (Budget Analyst & Budget Review)                          
Function 900: Net Interest                          
Function 920: Allowances                          
Function 950: Undistributed Offsetting Receipts                          
Matt Hoffmann (Budget Analyst)                          
Function 550: Health                          
Function 570: Medicare                          
Ted McCann (Budget Analyst)                          
Function 350: Agriculture                          
Function 600: Income Security                          
Function 650: Social Security                          
Pension Policy                          
Stephanie Parks (Budget Analyst)                          
Function 500: Education, Training, Employment & Social Services                          
Function 550: Health                          
Function 570: Medicare                          
Donald Schneider (Economist and Budget Analyst)                          
Justin Bogie (Budget Analyst)                          
Function 250: General Science, Space and Technology                          
Budget Review                          
Shane Skelton (Budget Analyst)                          
Function 270: Energy
Function 300: Natural Resources and Environment
Gene Emmans (Budget Analyst)                          
Function 400: Transportation
Function 450: Community and Regional Development                           
Function 750: Administration of Justice
Kara McKee (Budget Analyst)
Function 370: Housing Credit
Function 600: Housing Assistance
Function 800: General Government
Financial Services
Federal Credit Policy
Jenna Spealman (Budget Analyst)                          
Function 150: International Affairs                          
Function 370: Commerce and US Postal Service                          
Function 700: Veteran Benefits and Services                          
Alex Stoddard (Chief Administrator)                          
Jose Guillen (Manager of Information Systems)                          
Eric Davis (Staff Assistant)