Republican Staff

  • Rick May (Staff Director)
  • Jenna Spealman (Policy Director)
  • Andy Morton (Chief Economist and Senior Policy Advisor)
  • Tim Flynn (Senior Economist)
  • Robert Cogan (Senior Tax Advisor)
  • Patrick Louis Knudsen (Senior Advisor to the Chairman)
  • Benjamin Gardenhour (Executive Assistant)
  • Gary Haglund (Staff Assistant)


  • Sarah Corley (Press Secretary)
  • Sage Peterson (Coalitions/ Member Services)


  • Jim Bates (Chief Counsel)
  • Mary Popadiuk (Senior Counsel)
  • Jonathan Romito (Counsel)
  • Elise Anderson (Counsel)

Policy Advisors

  • Jenna Spealman (Policy Director)
    Function 050: National Defense
    Function 970: OCO/War on Terrorism (Lead)
  • Steve Gonzalez (Policy Advisor)
    Function 700: Veterans Benefits and Services
    Function 050: National Defense
    Function 970: OCO/War on Terrorism
  • Robert Cogan (Senior Policy Advisor)
    Tax & Revenue
    Trade Policy
    Function 150: International Affairs
    Function 500: Training, Employment, and Social Services
  • Eric Davis (Policy Advisor)
    Function 250: General Science, Space, and Technology
    Function 270: Energy
    Function 750: Administration of Justice and Immigration
  • Robert Yeakel (Policy Advisor)
    Function 300: Natural Resources and Environment
    Function 370: Commerce Federal, Telecommunications, and US Postal Service
    Function 750: Homeland Security, Cybersecurity, and Immigration
    Function 800: General Government, Federal Property, and IT
  • Ellen Johnson (Senior Policy Advisor)
    Function 150: International Finance
    Function 370: Housing and Financial Services
    Function 450: Flood Insurance and Community Development
    Function 600: Housing and Urban Development and Federal Pension Programs
    Function 650: Social Security
    Function 800: Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service
  • Andy Morton (Chief Economist and Senior Policy Advisor)
    Function 350: Agriculture
  • Emily Goff (Senior Policy Advisor)
    Function 400: Transportation
    Function 500: Education
  • Brad Watson (Senior Policy Advisor)
    Function 600: Income Security
  • Brittany Madni (Policy Advisor)
    Function 550: Medicaid and Health
  • Steve Waskiewicz (Policy Advisor)
    Function 570: Medicare


  • Alex Stoddard (Chief Administrative Officer)
  • Jose Guillen (Manager of Information Systems)