Democrats' Budget

Democratic FY2011 House Budget

After a reckless spending spree and consecutive trillion dollar deficits, House Democrats in the 111th Congress failed to pass – or even propose – a budget. Learn more about this unprecedented budget failure here.

Democratic FY2010 House Budget

H. CON. RES. 85 

The Obama-Democratic Budget: A Deluge of Dollars and Debt [4/22/2009]

Obama Redux : The Chairman's Mark for the FY2010 Budget [3/25/2009]

Charts and Graphs: Charts and Graphs provided for FY2010 Markup[3/25/2009]

Democrats' 2010 Conference Report

Motion to Instruct Vote Tally

Motion to Instruct - Legislative Text


The Obama Plan for Spending, Taxes, and Debt: Conference Report S.Con.Res 13[4/28/2009]

The Obama-Democratic Budget: Fact Sheet: Conference Report S.Con.Res 13 [4/28/2009]

Motion to Instruct Conferees: Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year 2010[4/22/2009]

Ryan to Instruct Budget Conferees: Talking Points [4/22/2009]


Democrats' FY2009 House Budget



The House Democratic Budget : Spend Now, Spend Later [3/12/2008]

The House Democratic Budget : The Status Quo - And Then Some [3/6/2008]

The House Democratic Budget : Budget Democrats' Choose Pork Over Paychecks [3/6/2008]


The House Democratic Budget : The Majority's Entitlement Failure [3/12/2008]


The House Democratic Budget : Real Tax Hikes, Real People [3/12/2008]

The House Democratic Budget : Raising Taxes on Your Constituents [3/4/2008]

Democrats' 2009 Conference Report


Conference Report: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending, No Reform [6/4/2008]

Conference Report: The Democrats' Record Debt Hike [6/4/2008]

Conference Report: The Largest Tax Increase in History, However They Slice it[6/4/2008]

Democrats' FY2008 House Passed Budget

H.Con.Res 99


Supplemental: Conference Measure for U.S. Troops Still Larded with Add-Ons [4/25/2007]

Supplemental: Ryan / Lewis Letter [4/24/2007]

Democrat Budget: Raising Taxes on Your Constituents [3/27/2007]

Democrat Budget: Real Tax Hikes, Real People [3/26/2007]

Supplemental: Democrat Supplemental is a Budget Buster [3/23/2007]

Democrat Budget: Spend Now, Save Later [3/23/2007]

Democrat Budget: Fiscal Sleight-of-Hand: Democrat Budget Gimmicks and Hypocrisy [3/23/2007]

Democrat Budget: Deliberate Disregard for Spending Discipline [3/22/2007]

Democrat Budget: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending, An Absence of Reform [3/21/2007]

Democrats' 2008 Conference Report

S.Con.Res 21


Conference Report: Higher Taxes, Higher Spending, No Reform [5/17/2007]

Conference Report: Higher Spending [5/17/2007]

Conference Report: Higher Taxes [5/17/2007]

Conference Report: No Entitlement Reform [5/17/2007]

Conference Report: The Continued Raid on Social Security [5/17/2007]

Conference Report: Pay-As-You-Go Hypocrisy [5/17/2007]

Conference Side-by-Side [5/08/2007]

Republican Motion to Instruct [5/08/2007]