FY2017 Reconciliation

Fiscal Year 2017 Reconciliation

American Health Care Act

 Legislative Text

House Energy and Commerce Committee summary

House Ways and Means Committee summary


Committee Report

H.R. 1628 as reported by the Committee on the Budget

FY 2017 Budget Resolution:

FY17 Budget Resolution (posted January 3, 2017)

One Page Summary

Obamacare Has Failed: Why it Needs to be Repealed

Budget Digest - How Obamacare has Failed Individuals and Families

Groups Supporting S. Con. Res. 3

Press Releases:

Chairman Black Opening Statement

Obamacare: The Unaffordable Care Act

Obamacare: Reducing Access to Health Care

Obamacare: Fewer Choices

Obamacare: Reducing Quality and Innovation