Time Table of the Budget Process

Title III of the Congressional Budget Act establishes a specific timetable for the congressional budget process.

On or Before:

Action to be completed:

First Monday in February

 President submits his budget.

 February 15

 Congressional Budget Office submits report to Budget Committees.

 Not later than 6 weeks after the President submits the budget.

 Committees submit views and estimates to Budget Committees.
(Frequently, the House Budget Committee sets own date based on Legislative Calendar)

April 1

 Senate Budget Committee reports concurrent resolution on the

 April 15

 Congress completes action on the concurrent resolution on the budget.
(This is not signed by the President).*

 May 15

 Annual appropriation bills may be considered in House.

June 10

 House Appropriations Committee reports last annual appropriation bill.

June 15

 Congress completes action on reconciliation legislation.
(If required by the budget resolution).

 June 30

 House completes action on annual appropriation bills.

 October 1

 Fiscal year begins.