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  • The Democrats’ Spending Spree
    Posted in HBC Publications on February 3, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Economy / Financial

    Since he took office in January of 2009, President Obama has signed into law a massive spending spree that not only failed to deliver on its promise to create jobs, but also plunged us deeper into debt. The onslaught of new spending was primarily focused on special-interest spending for domestic government agencies. As Democrats dramatically increased the size and scope of the Federal government, families and small businesses continued to work harder to make ends meet. Table 1 details both defen... Read more

  • Fact Sheet: The Fiscal Year 2011 Discretionary Spending Allocation to the Appropriations Committee
    Posted in HBC Publications on February 3, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Economy / Financial

    Pursuant to House Rules H.Res. 5 and spending reduction resolution H.Res. 38, the Budget Committee Chairman will file an allocation to set 2011 discretionary budget authority (BA) at $1,055 billion, which will produce savings of $74 billion compared to the President’s request.. Non-security discretionary spending is assumed to be $420 billion to bring this category of spending back to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout 2008 levels for the last seven months of this year. This will produce BA savings of $... Read more

  • Deficit Projection Nears $1.5 Trillion for Fiscal Year 2011
    Posted in HBC Publications on January 26, 2011 | Preview rr

    In the wake of a Democratic Congress’s failure to produce a budget last year, the 112th Congress continues to face deficits approaching $1.5 trillion this year and exceeding $1 trillion next year, according to estimates released today by the Congressional Budget Office [CBO]. Beyond the near term, CBO’s projections continue to show an unsustainable path of Federal spending, the debt effects of which are masked by unrealistic revenue projections. Read the full House Budget Committee analysis here... Read more

  • House Republicans’ Spending Reduction Resolution
    Posted in HBC Publications on January 25, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Economy / Financial

    H.Res. 38 would direct the Budget Committee Chairman to set a limit to bring non-security discretionary spending back to the pre-stimulus, pre-bail-out 2008 levels. Because a Democratic Congress failed to produce, or even propose, a budget for this year, Congress is operating without a budget. No budget, no priorities, no restraints. In addition, not one appropriations bill was enacted last year. As a result, the government is operating under a stopgap measure, known as a continuing resolution,... Read more

  • Setting the Record Straight
    Posted in HBC Publications on January 6, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Entitlements: Health Care / Social Security

    Our dispute is not with the hard-working, non-partisan professionals at the Congressional Budget Office. CBO scores what is put in front of them – and what Democrats put in front of them last year was legislation packed with smoke and mirrors to hide the impact of trillions of dollars in new spending. Nothing has changed about the flawed assumptions underlying CBO’s score – only the dates have changed. Undoing the Democrats’ massive new entitlement is essential to our fiscal health. Claim: In hi... Read more

  • House Rule and Interim Budget Enforcement
    Posted in HBC Publications on January 3, 2011 | Preview rr

    Brief Description. The House Rules package gives the Budget Committee chairman interim authority that only applies to the FY 2011 budget to file committee allocations and budget aggregates that would serve as the budget until Congress adopts a new budget. These allocations and aggregates would be enforced in the House through Budget Act points of order. Unless we do something in House Rules, we will operate without a budget. Standard Practice. The House has routinely included language in the ru... Read more