HBC Launches New, User-Friendly Portal for Submission of Member Budget Ideas

Fiscal year 2017 ended with a budget deficit of $666 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and the national debt is $20 trillion. To address the growing debt crisis and balance the budget, the House Budget Committee (HBC) welcomes ideas from all members of the House as it prepares the fiscal year 2019 budget resolution. For collecting ideas from members, the Committee has launched a new online portal.

The Budget Resolution

HBC, along with its Senate counterpart, is responsible for establishing the framework of the federal budget process. The concurrent budget resolution establishes aggregate spending and revenue totals for the entire federal budget (commonly known as the budget caps). It also sets the Appropriations Committee’s allocation of spending authority for the next fiscal year. This resolution, once adopted, is not a law since it is never signed by the President. However, it is enforceable through points of order, making it an essential tool to outline Congress’s agenda and pave the way for reconciliation and deficit reduction.

Contributing to the Process

The Committee cannot balance the budget alone and aims to craft a vision that considers the priorities of the whole House. As work writing the House’s budget for fiscal year 2019 begins, HBC is seeking ideas for innovative policy reforms to prioritize effective and efficient use of government resources from committee and non-committee members alike.

Submitting Ideas

To involve members in the budget-writing process, HBC is unveiling a new portal for all congressional staff to easily submit members’ ideas. This provides an opportunity for members to encourage HBC to advance their policy priorities and the priorities of their districts. The Committee will consider these proposals while they write the budget plan in the coming months.

All questions, including access instructions, should be directed to the HBC Majority Staff at 202-226-7270.

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