Introducing Budget for a Brighter American Future

Foundational to the conservative philosophy for governing is the belief that the United States of America is truly exceptional. Built out of optimism more than 250 years ago, the grand American experiment continues to inspire confidence in the future. And history has time and again proven that it is the American people who continue to make this nation thrive.

That same generations-old optimism is what inspired the House Budget Committee when crafting its plan for fiscal year 2019. Unveiled today by Chairman Steve Womack, Budget for a Brighter American Future reflects a balanced and responsible vision that further promotes economic growth and confronts the real fiscal challenges casting a shadow of doubt on the future.

Major Themes

In order to ensure a brighter future for generations of Americans to come, this budget makes the tough decisions in the short-term to deal with the nation’s rapidly rising $21 trillion of debt and set the nation on a sustainable path. Calling for a combination of spending restraint and pro-growth reforms that build on the economic successes of tax reform, this budget:

  • Balances in nine years by putting American on a sustainable spending path that reverses the current trends, achieving surpluses of $26 billion in FY 2027 and $142 billion in FY 2028
  • Addresses unsustainable mandatory spending by including instructions for 11 authorizing committees to achieve at least $302 billion in deficit reduction through reconciliation
  • Continues economic growth by reducing burdensome regulations and suggesting other key reforms to government programs
  • Encourages better government and greater accountability by responsibly using taxpayer dollars and promoting efficiency and effectiveness
  • Empowers state and local governments by scaling back overreach of the Federal Government and respecting the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Next Steps

This week, the Committee will take the next step in the legislative process to advance this plan by marking up the resolution and reporting it out of Committee. The budget markup process, which allows members to weigh in on the resolution’s contents, is governed by rules adopted by the Committee and guided by rules of the House. Highlights of the process include opening statements, section-by-section discussion, and amendment consideration. Markup concludes with a vote on a motion to order the resolution – including approved amendments – be reported to the whole House for further consideration.

Committee markup of the FY 2019 budget is scheduled to take place over two days, beginning on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at 12:30 pm, resuming on Thursday, June 21, 2018, at 9:00 am to conclude. Follow the proceedings live at

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