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Charts & Graphs

Feb 11, 2020

House Budget Committee Democrats regularly create charts, graphs, and maps to better explain the impact of budgetary and economic policies on America's families.

President Trump's 2021 budget request leaves working Americans behind. These visuals illustrate what is at stake for American families under the President's destructive policies.

Health Care

States That Have Expanded Medicaid Generally Have Lower Uninsured Rates than Non-Expansion States

The effects of Medicaid expansion are clear: better health, improved access to care and more financial security for beneficiaries; healthier budgets and economic growth for states; and reduced uncompensated care for hospitals and clinics.

Despite repeated promises that he would not cut Medicaid, President Trump’s 2021 budget includes a $900 billion cut to the program. In addition, the budget would likely eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, jeopardizing the health of 12 million Americans.

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States that have expanded Medicaid have lower uninsured rates

Nearly All Medicaid Adults Are Already Working or Report Barriers to Work

The Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans have repeatedly proposed implementing mandatory work requirements for Medicaid adults, under the faulty assumption that most Medicaid enrollees choose to be unemployed. In fact, the opposite is true: the vast majority of low-income adults enrolled in Medicaid are working, or are in school, are taking care of a child or relative, are disabled or have an illness that presents a barrier to work.

But this reality hasn’t stopped the President from including several destructive Medicaid so-called “reforms,” including mandatory work requirements, in his 2021 budget. Other Medicaid proposals in the budget include additional cuts to hospitals that serve a disproportionate share of low-income patients, higher cost-sharing for beneficiaries, and more burdensome paperwork requirements for people enrolling in the program.

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nearly all adults on medicaid have reported work barriers

Republican Tax Law

The GOP Tax Law Showers Benefits on Millionaires

The GOP tax law mostly benefited the wealthy and large corporations, worsening income and wealth inequality. JCT's distributional analysis shows that taxpayers making $1 million or more received an average tax cut of $64,400, which is 330 times more than the $190 average tax cut for those making less than $50,000 in 2019.

The President’s destructive and irrational budget leaves working families out in the cold while it doubles down on the failed 2017 GOP tax law. President Trump and his Republican allies broke every promise they’ve made on the GOP tax law, including that it would be a boon for the middle class.

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The Republican Tax Law showered unnecessary benefits on millionaires

GOP’s Tax Giveaway to Big Corporations May Cost More Than Initially Forecasted

The GOP's tax cuts for big corporations may cost considerably more than initially forecasted. Compared to JCT's initial cost estimate for the GOP tax law's business provisions, which totaled $320 billion over the 2018-2027 period, corporate revenue reductions in CBO's baseline forecasts have more than doubled, reaching almost $800 billion over this time period.

Despite failing on his promise to deliver tax cuts for middle-class Americans, the President’s budget reflects a second round of tax cuts for big corporations through regulatory implementation – without Congressional involvement and out of public view.

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GOP's tax giveaway to big corporations may cost more than we thought

The GOP Tax Scam Did Not “Supercharge” the U.S. Economy

The GOP tax law failed to provide any meaningful boost to our economy. Comparing eight quarters of data before and after the tax law, GDP growth remained the same at 2.4 percent, reflecting the slowing growth across both consumption and business fixed investment even as government spending increased.

This hasn’t stopped the Administration from relying on fantasy economic projections in the President’s budget. The Administration continues to assume the economy will grow about 3 percent annually over the next decade. This is despite its failure to hit that target (or the President’s promise of “4, 5, or even 6 percent” annual growth) in any year so far.

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The #GOPTaxScam did not supercharge the economy

Revenues as a Share of GDP Are Below Their Long-Run Average

The United States government is collecting unusually low levels of revenue, a problem exacerbated by the GOP tax law. As a share of the economy, the tax law has helped reduce revenue to 16.3 percent of GDP, a full percentage point below the 50-year historical average of 17.4 percent.

Not surprisingly, the President’s budget for 2021 doubles down on the GOP tax law’s revenue impact by permanently extending this failed policy. Two years after it was signed into law, the tax cut is becoming an even bigger revenue drain than initially forecasted due to the Trump Administration’s implementation.

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Revenues as a share of GDP are below the long run forecast average