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Win the Future: Make it in America --- the Democratic Budget Resolution

Apr 15, 2011

The Challenge

We consider this long‐term budget plan at an especially consequential moment for our country. As a result of the extraordinary actions taken over the last few years, America avoided a second Great Depression and is slowly emerging from the ravages of a financial meltdown and near economic collapse. While the economy is improving, millions of Americans remain out of work through no fault of their own and thousands more are facing home foreclosures because they have lost their jobs.

Our top priority must be to support a robust recovery and put America back to work. At the same time, we must act now to lay the foundation for sustained long‐term economic growth. Even before the economic meltdown, real wages for most Americans had been frozen for overa decade as families faced rising costs.  Middle class families have been squeezed. We must implement a plan to support small businesses, grow the economy, and ensure shared prosperity.  That will require making strategic national investments to out‐educate, out‐innovate, and out‐compete the rest of the world.  It will also require developing and implementing a disciplined plan to steadily and predictably reduce our deficits and debt so that we establish a strong foundation for long‐term growth.

Competing Visions

We all agree America is a great nation – the question is how do we keep America strong, dynamic, and exceptional?  On that, Republicans and Democrats clearly have different views and would make different choices.