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GOP Budget vs. Democratic Alternative

Apr 7, 2014



Economic Growth, Investment, & Opportunity

• Pursues misguided austerity policies that limit job growth in this recovery

• Guts investments in education, scientific research, advanced manufacturing, public safety, and other economically crucial activities by cutting non-defense discretionary funding well below sequester levels from 2016 onward

• Cuts transportation investments by over $52 billion in 2015

• Refuses to extend emergency unemployment benefits

• Fails to support minimum-wage increase

• Slashes education funding, including $145 billion from Pell Grants and $89 billion from K-12 education through 2024

• Increases student loan debt

• Rejects economic potential of comprehensive immigration reform

• Supports policies that boost job creation

• Supports critical investments in R&D, clean energy, manufacturing, and other keys to global competitiveness

• Invests in the President's multi-year surface transportation reauthorization, protecting more than 700,000 jobs

• Extends emergency unemployment benefits, saving 200,000 jobs this year

• Supports an increase in the minimum wage

• Supports jobs for veterans

• Provides $76 billion for early childhood education and maintains other education investments

• Ensures college affordability through lower student loan debt and new repayment options

• Supports comprehensive immigration reform, boosting the economy by 5.4% and reducing deficits by $900 billion over 20 years

Tax Fairness

• Provides millionaires an average $200,000 tax break while raising taxes on middle-class families by $2,000

• Protects tax subsidies for big, integrated oil companies—the top 5 of which had $93 billion in profits in 2013

• Opposes tax reform plans that would lower the top individual income tax rate while raising taxes on middle-class families

• Expands low- and middle-income tax incentives for work and school

• Expands the EITC for childless workers

Commitments to Seniors

• Ends Medicare guarantee, replaces with voucher shifting financial risk to seniors

• Raises prescription drug costs for seniors

• Cuts base Medicaid program by $732 billion, jeopardizing seniors' access to long-term care and other supports

• Preserves the Medicare guarantee

• Preserves important Affordable Care Act benefits for seniors, including help with Rx drug costs

• Ensures seniors and people with disabilities continue to get needed Medicaid services

• Protects Social Security from privatization

Health Care


Social Safety Net

• Undermines patient protections and denies 25 million Americans access to affordable health coverage by repealing Affordable Care Act

• Threatens health care for 60 million Americans with steep Medicaid cuts

• Cuts nutrition assistance by $137 billion

• Preserves Affordable Care Act coverage expansions and patient protections, such as young adult coverage and no denials for pre-existing conditions

• Protects Medicaid for working families

• Preserves nutrition assistance