Minority Views:Health Care Reconciliation

A Broken Process with Costly Consequences

Through this grossly distorted process, the Democratic Majority will attempt to force onto the American public a sweeping government takeover of health care without a shred of bipartisan support, and in spite of opposition by a majority of the people Congress has been elected to serve. They will do so by twisting budgetary and legislative procedures to win a political victory at any cost, by any means – because they cannot do it any other way. The arrogance, the paternalism, the condescension of this action are breathtaking.

The key factors in this extraordinary step are the following:

  • A Flawed Health Care Bill. The legislation being driven through Congress will lead to further government intrusion in the doctor-patient relationship. It will cause costs to rise and quality to deteriorate, and inevitably lead to rationing of  health care,  one of Americans’ most valued and personal services.
  • Worsening a Fiscal Crisis. Making all this worse, these contorted procedures are being used to expand Federal entitlements when the government already faces a potentially disastrous fiscal path B one that threatens to overwhelm the budget and smother the economy – from programs that already exist.
  • Extraordinary Abuse of Procedure. The Majority is doing all this by distorting budget reconciliation in unprecedented ways. The process has never been used to force through a government expansion of this magnitude – leveraged on a token savings amount, in the face of trillion-dollar deficits, and on a deliberate party-line vote.
  • Starting Over. There is broad agreement on the need to reform health care. But what is needed is a different vision of how to meet the problems in health care, one that truly addresses the central problem of cost while maintaining a sturdy safety net for those who need it. Such approaches have been available, and still are – and they could lead to a truly bipartisan consensus on reforms that would address the most important and widely acknowledged problems.

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