The Budget Record of the 111th Congress

More Spending, Taxes, Deficits, and Debt

After 21 months of controlling both the White House and Congress, here is what the Democrats have done:

  • Failed to Support Jobs and Economic Growth. More than a year-and-a-half after adoption of the $814-billion “stimulus,” job creation remains anemic and economic growth is slowing.

  • Increased Spending, Taxes, Deficits, and Debt. With their relentless expansion of government, the President and Congress have increased Federal spending by $2.1 trillion. The President’s budget produces unsustainable deficits that never fall below 4 percent of gross domestic product, and triples the debt over 10 years.

  • Left a Huge Tax Increase Hanging Over a Weak Economy. Americans face a vast range of tax hikes in just 3 months, but Democrats have deliberately put off any effort to prevent them – exacerbating uncertainty among businesses and taxpayers, and stifling economic and job growth.

  • Launched an Array of Government Takeovers and Bailouts. Democrats have moved to initiate takeovers of health care, college loans, banks and financial markets, the auto industry, and housing markets; have provided unlimited support for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and have created permanent bailout authority for “too-big-to-fail” institutions.

  • Failed to Produce a Budget. Faced with their unsustainable spending and debt, House Democrats abdicated on the most fundamental responsibility of governing. For the first time in the history of the Budget Act, they failed to write a House budget resolution.

  • Hid Behind the Pay-Go Sham. Instead of budgeting, Democrats brandished their pay-asyou- go rule – a deeply flawed procedure that, when enforced, has been used to chase higher spending with higher taxes.

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