$3.4 Trillion and Counting

The Democrats' Big Spending, Big Debt, Big Government


Although health care legislation has been delayed, Congress is still likely to consider, before the end of the year, a bill to create a new $1-trillion health care entitlement and begin the Federal Government’s takeover of the health care sector. But this would only add to the President’s wellestablished pattern of huge increases in spending, taxes, and deficits. In just the first 6 months of his administration, the President has pushed legislation that will boost spending $3.4 trillion through 2019; raise taxes by nearly $1.5 trillion; and increase deficits and debt by $1.9 trillion.

These figures reflect plans by the President and congressional Democrats to launch a government takeover of large parts of the economy, including energy, health care, and even college loans.

As Members head out for the August break, it is useful to review the major spending, tax, and deficit increases being advanced by the President and the Democratic Majority in Congress.

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