Budget Demorats Choose Pork Over Paychecks

House Budget Committee Democrats yesterday rejected numerous attempts by Republicans to reduce wasteful spending and strike tax hikes from their reckless $3.1-trillion budget. Here is a sampling of the Democrats’ party-line votes for reckless spending and tax hikes, and against common-sense budget process reforms.

  • Pork Over Paychecks: Democrats unanimously voted against a 1-year earmark moratorium, once again choosing pork over the paychecks of American workers.
  • Pork Over Veterans: Democrats unanimously voted against eliminating airdropped earmarks and dedicating the nearly $1 billion in savings to veterans’ programs.
  • Largest Tax Increase in American History: Democrats unanimously voted to retain their $683-billion tax hike – the largest in history – on American workers and businesses. They remained committed to eliminating the 10-percent bracket for low-income individuals; raising taxes on families by $500 per child; reinstating the marriage penalty; and reimposing the death tax.
  • No AMT Fix: Democrats unanimously voted against repealing the alternative minimum tax [AMT]. Instead they chose to simply raise taxes by an equal amount to “pay for” a 1- year patch.
  • Entitlement Reform: Democrats unanimously voted against all attempts to rescue Social Security and Medicare, and make these and other entitlements sustainable. Instead they pushed off reform for another 5 years, thereby imposing an additional $14 trillion of debt on today’s children.
  • Stopping the Raid on Social Security: Democrats unanimously voted against protecting the Social Security surplus. Instead they chose to continue raiding Social Security funds to pay for earmarks and other reckless spending increases.
  • PAYGO Gimmicks: Democrats unanimously voted against strengthening their pay-asyou- go [PAYGO] rule. Instead they preserved gaping loopholes that allow them to scam the rule while maintaining the guise of fiscal responsibility.
  • Debt Increase: Democrats unanimously voted against putting House Members on record every time they vote to increase the debt. Instead they preserved the Gephardt Rule.
  • Blue Dog Process Reforms: Democrats unanimously voted against a leading Blue Dog reform bill that would have required greater transparency and accountability in the budget process. Instead they put off commonsense reform for “another day.”

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