Th Farm Bill Conference Report

Subsidizing Wealthy Farmers, While Food Prices Soar

The Farm Bill conference report (H.R. 2419) being considered on the House floor today will cost American taxpayers $658 billion over the next 10 years. It includes $23 billion in new costs, more than double the $10 billion admitted to by the conferees. Further, the bill makes little meaningful reform to bloated farm programs, and continues allowing wealthy farmers to receive the bulk of farm payments, to the detriment of small farmers and consumers who are struggling with skyrocketing food prices. Here are the details:

  • Violates and Waives PAYGO. Unable to write a Farm Bill that meets the pay-as-you-go [PAYGO] test, the Majority has decided to waive its highly touted rule. If PAYGO were not waived, the bill would be subject to a point of order for baseline shopping – whereby conferees chose to apply last year’s baseline to score the bill so they could hide $3.1 billion in costs. If the Majority used the updated baseline, the bill would still be subject to a point of order, this time for increasing the deficit by $2.9 billion. Instead of finding a way to actually reduce the bill’s cost, the Majority took the easy way out and simply waived their own rule.

Read the full report here.