House Republicans’ Spending Reduction Resolution

H.Res. 38


  • H.Res. 38 would direct the Budget Committee Chairman to set a limit to bring non-security discretionary spending back to the pre-stimulus, pre-bail-out 2008 levels. 

  • Because a Democratic Congress failed to produce, or even propose, a budget for this year, Congress is operating without a budget.  No budget, no priorities, no restraints. 

  • In addition, not one appropriations bill was enacted last year.  As a result, the government is operating under a stopgap measure, known as a continuing resolution, through March 4, 2011. 

  • Because five months of the fiscal year will have passed by March 4, 2011, Congress is increasingly limited in achieving savings in this year. 

  • As a result, the Budget Committee Chairman will file an allocation to ensure that non-security spending will be reduced to 2008 levels for the remainder of the year.

  • House Republicans are serious about cutting spending, and we’re doing it by keeping our promises to the American people:

    • We cut our own (Congress’s) budget by 5 percent;

    • We voted to cut trillions of dollars of new spending by repealing the Democrats’ costly health care law.

    • We will continue to vote each week on cutting wasteful government programs.

  • This is just a down-payment by Republicans to get spending under control. 

  • House Republicans will continue to clean up the fiscal mess left by the past Congress for the current fiscal year; to advance spending cuts and spending reforms; and to go forward by charting a new course with a new budget for the upcoming fiscal year. 

  • The days of business as usual have come to an end. The spending spree is over.