The Relentless Growth of Government

The Obama Budget for Fiscal Year 2011

Much like last year, the President’s fiscal year 2011 budget presents a staggering contradiction to his recent rhetorical gestures toward “fiscal restraint.” It continues pursuing a “progressive” ideology that calls for ever-more centralized government control of the economy. It spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much – and the result is a growing debt that drains the resources needed for growth and job creation, undermining any pretense of economic “stimulus.” Moreover, the budget adds to an already unsustainable outlook that threatens to overwhelm the budget, smother the economy, and sacrifice the prosperity of future generations.

The President’s budget more than doubles the debt; pushes this year’s deficit to a new record of $1.6 trillion; drives spending to a new record of $3.8 trillion in fiscal year 2011; and raises taxes by more than $2 trillion through 2020, under the administration’s own estimates.

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