A Campaign Built on a Foundation of Falsehoods & Fear

In a web video last week, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan made clear: “Washington has not been honest with you about Medicare.” Nonpartisan, independent fact checkers agree. 

The President and his party’s leaders continue to use blatant falsehoods in attacking the House Republicans’ plan to protect and save Medicare.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is the latest leading Democrat to distort and demagogue the only plan put forward that saves Medicare.  Earlier this week, Wasserman Schultz falsely stated that seniors would be denied coverage under the Republican plan.  This statement has no basis in fact, as made clear by a round of fact checkers:

Wasserman Schultz’s comments are the latest in a campaign built on a foundation of falsehoods and fear. 

The dishonest overreach is clearly an attempt to mask what the President and leading Democrats have already done to Medicare.  While they have no plan to save Medicare, the President and leading Democrats already jammed into law a plan that imposes severe disruptions for current Medicare beneficiaries.  The three-step Democrat plan on Medicare:

  1. The President and leading Democrats cut over $500 billion from Medicare, raiding Medicare to fund Obamacare;

  2. The President and leading Democrats empowered a panel of 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington to cut Medicare, restrict access and deny benefits for current seniors;

  3. The President and leading Democrats, by refusing to work together to save this program, are committing Medicare to a bankrupt future. 

The House Republicans’ plan to save Medicare:

  • Stops the President’s raid on Medicare, repeals the President’s unelected Medicare board, and rejects the President’s commitment to Medicare’s bankruptcy.

  • Ensures no changes for those 55 or older.  Seniors should not be forced to reorganize their lives because of government’s mistakes. 

  • Offers a strengthened, personalized Medicare program that future generations can count on when they retire.Future beneficiaries would be empowered to choose from a list of guaranteed coverage options, similar to the system now enjoyed by Members of Congress, with less support for wealthy seniors and more support for those with lower incomes and greater health risks.  These reforms are rooted in past bipartisan efforts to save Medicare.

  • By encouraging true choice and competition, our plan is to give future seniors the power to deny business to inefficient providers.  By imposing price controls and rationing, their plan is to give government the power to deny care to current seniors.

With their empty promises and false attacks, the President and leading Democrats are threatening the health security of America’s seniors and the economic security of American families.  The American people deserve leaders who will tell them the truth and advance solutions that save Medicare.

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