CBO Confirms Federal Workers Enjoy Advantages Over Private Sector Counterparts

Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a study confirming the differences in compensation between federal government employees and their private-sector counterparts.  While millions of Americans continue to struggle with stagnant wages and high unemployment, government bureaucrats in Washington continue to enjoy significant advantages over those whose tax dollars finance their compensation.

Key points from the CBO’s comparison of employee compensation between federal civilian employees and the private sector:

  • Overall, federal civilian employees receive total compensation that is 16 percent higher than their private-sector counterparts;

  • Federal civilian employees receive 2 percent more in cash wages than private-sector employees;

  • The most significant advantage comes in the form of benefits, where federal civilian employees enjoy a 48 percent advantage over their private-sector counterparts.

The CBO study shines a new light on reports of President Obama’s desire to further increase pay for government bureaucrats.  By contrast, the U.S. House of Representatives is advancing legislation, authored by Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, to freeze salaries for federal civilian employees and members of Congress.

Click here to read the full CBO report.