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  • Chairman Price Opening Statement: FY 2016 Budget Mark Up
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on March 18, 2015 | Preview rr

    As Prepared for Delivery Good morning and thank you to everyone for being here. We meet today to consider the Fiscal Year 2016 budget resolution and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of developing these positive solutions to address our nation’s fiscal and economic challenges. When we look at America today, we see a nation that is not living up to its economic or leadership potential. Too many of our neighbors are out of work or living paycheck to paycheck. Too many hardworking taxpay... Read more

  • Price's Opening Statement: The President's FY 2016 Budget
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on February 4, 2015 | Preview rr

    As Prepared for Delivery Good morning, everyone, and thanks for being here today. As we discussed in last week’s hearing with the CBO director, there is no question our nation is on a fiscal and economic path that is unsustainable. Our national debt has topped $18 trillion and is growing ever larger. Vital programs that folks rely on are heading toward insolvency. And our economy isn’t growing nearly as fast as it should be. If we maintain this status quo, we’re going to have a future of less op... Read more

  • Price's Opening Statement: CBO's Budget and Economic Outlook
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on January 27, 2015 | Preview rr

    Good morning, everyone, and thank you for joining us. We are here today to discuss the Congressional Budget Office’s Budget and Economic Outlook. As always, the CBO has done a tremendous amount of difficult work to produce this report, and we appreciate their time, input and expertise. Additionally, I want to thank Director Elmendorf for testifying today – and for his diligent work. I know we look forward to hearing what he has to say. In reviewing this report, one thing is abundantly clear: our... Read more

  • The Dignity of Work
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on September 17, 2014 | Preview rr
    Tags: War on Poverty

    Thanks, Fred—thanks, everybody. I’m delighted to be here. And the first thing I want to do is congratulate the man of the hour, Bill Kilberg. In the time I’ve known Bill, I’ve found him to be an incredibly smart and hardworking guy. There’s a reason they call him a “super lawyer”—which, in this town, is meant to be a compliment. And what’s most impressive about Bill is that he uses his knowledge of the law to protect and promote free enterprise. He knows better than most just how precious—how fr... Read more

  • ‘Expanding Opportunity in America’
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on July 24, 2014 | Preview rr
    Tags: Expanding Opportunity in America

    Hi, everybody. I want to thank Arthur, our panel, and everyone at AEI for hosting us here today. I look forward to hearing from everybody. But let’s start with a principle we can all agree on: Hardworking taxpayers deserve a break in this country. Too many families are working harder and harder to get ahead, and yet they’re falling further and further behind. The costs of food, housing, and gas keep going up, but paychecks haven’t budged. So whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, I think we... Read more

  • Ryan's Opening Statement: The President’s Funding Request for Overseas Contingency Operations
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on July 17, 2014 | Preview rr

    Hi, everybody, and welcome. Today we’re going to review the President’s funding request for the global war on terrorism. There is widespread agreement on this committee that we need to carefully budget for our war-time needs and also that the war-funding designation must not become—in the words of the ranking member—“a slush fund.” If the Defense Department does not have enough resources to meet our defense needs, then we should increase the base defense budget. We should not use a temporary aut... Read more

  • Ryan's Opening Statement: The Long-Term Budget Outlook
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on July 16, 2014 | Preview rr
    Tags: Entitlements: Health Care / Social Security , Economy / Financial

    Hi, everybody—and welcome. Today we’re going to discuss CBO’s long-term budget outlook. So first I want to thank Director Elmendorf and his team at CBO for all their hard work. I have to say: Your report is sobering. Just take the first line: “Between 2009 and 2012, the federal government recorded the largest budget deficits relative to the size of the economy since 1946, causing its debt to soar.” And later: “With deficits as big as the ones that CBO projects, federal debt would be growing fast... Read more

  • Renewing the American Idea
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on July 15, 2014 | Preview rr

    Hi, everybody. I want to thank Dr. Spalding and everyone at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center for inviting me here today. You might think it’s a little late to give an Independence Day address, but New York’s delegates to the Continental Congress didn’t adopt the Declaration of Independence until July 15. So I’d like to think I’m fashionably late—or as they’d say in New York, “right on time.” Indeed, the topic is always timely. That’s because the Declaration of Independence will always be the def... Read more

  • Ryan's Opening Statement: A Progress Report on the War on Poverty: Working with Families in Need
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on July 9, 2014 | Preview rr

    Hi, everybody—and welcome. This is our fifth hearing about the War on Poverty. Over the past year, we’ve heard from a number of voices: policy experts, community groups, federal officials. And today, we’re going to hear from the people in the middle—people in the private sector who work with the public sector—people who coordinate state programs with private charity. We’re also going to hear from an especially important voice: Mrs. Tianna Gaines-Turner. First, Mrs. Gaines-Turner. I was very happ... Read more

  • A Strategy for Renewal
    Posted in Speeches and Statements on June 11, 2014 | Preview rr
    Tags: Defense

    Thanks, everybody—thanks, Michèle. After looking at the program, I’d say you have quite the lineup: a four-star general, a PBS news anchor, a national security adviser . . . and a budget guy. Now, some of you might think that’s kind of a letdown, but I’d like to think I’m the entertainment. And in all seriousness, I’d like to thank you for this opportunity. I don’t get to talk about national security as much as I’d like. So let me begin by saying this: I’m very concerned about where we stand in ... Read more