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Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill

(H.R. 2609)

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Washington, July 9, 2013 | comments
The House Energy and Water Development appropriations bill provides $30.4 billion in discretionary budget authority, $3.9 billion, or 11%, below the estimated FY 2013 post-sequester levels and $4.1 billion (12%) below the president's request. 

The bill includes $24.6 billion for the Department of Energy, $4.7 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers and $965 million for the Department of the Interior (primarily for the Bureau of Reclamation with the rest of Interior funded through other bills).  The spending levels in the bill do not exceed the 302(b) allocations adopted by the Appropriations Committee, which are consistent with the overall spending level approved by the House in the Budget Resolution (H. Con. Res. 25).  

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National Security Programs.  The bill provides $11.1 billion for the National Nuclear Security Administration, which builds and maintains the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and naval nuclear reactors.  This is an increase of 5% over FY 2013 post-sequester levels, but 4.7% below the level requested by the administration.  The bill also provides $5.6 billion for nuclear waste disposal and environmental clean-up associated with the nuclear weapons complex.  This is $195 million above 2013 post-sequester levels and $486 million below the administration request.

Civilian Energy Programs.  The bill includes $7.7 billion for civilian energy programs, 14% below the FY 2013 post-sequester levels and 30% below the administration’s request of $10.9 billion. The bulk of the savings are achieved through reductions to renewable energy programs, $907 million below the fiscal year 2013 post-sequester level, and the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy program, $201 million below the post-sequester level.  The bill focuses on programs that encourage economic competitiveness and growth while seeking the ultimate goal of energy independence.   

Water Programs.  The Army Corps of Engineers would receive $4.7 billion, $50 million less than the president's request.  No congressionally earmarked projects are provided for in this bill.  The bill provides $965 million, $1 million more than the fiscal year 2013 post-sequester request, for the Bureau of Reclamation which lies within the Department of the Interior. 

The bill provides $26 million, $2 million below the President’s request and $1 million above current year levels, for navigation and flood control construction activities. 

View as PDF here.

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