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ICYMI: House Budget Democrats Champion Key Investments in the Build Back Better Act

Sep 28, 2021

Washington – This past Saturday, the House Budget Committee completed a markup of the Build Back Better Act. Throughout the markup, Democrats underscored how this bill meets the immediate and long-term needs of America’s families and workers and highlighted key investments and provisions in the bill that will: lower costs for families, cut taxes for the middle-class, create good-paying jobs for American workers, tackle the climate crisis, and ensure a strong recovery and broadly shared prosperity for generations to come. Key takeaways include…

Democrats on delivering pro-growth investments and historic tax cuts for the middle-class while ensuring the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share:

  • CHU: “We have a historic opportunity to lay the groundwork for stronger, more inclusive prosperity for decades to come. That includes giving the IRS the tools and resources it needs to better target the enforcement of would-be tax cheats.”
  • HORSFORD: “Unlike the 2017 GOP tax proposal, [the Build Back Better Act] makes our tax code more progressive and makes critical investments in our families and in our workers.”
  • SCOTT: “Every investment in the Build Back Better Act from [the Education & Labor Committee] addresses an urgent and challenging need facing American families, workers, and employers in our communities.”
  • YARMUTH: “The Build Back Better Act meets the immediate and long-term needs of the American people while addressing glaring gaps in our economy and society. These long-overdue investments will ensure our economy works for all Americans and will deliver the largest tax cut for the middle class in history. The bill will extend the expanded Child Tax Credit while making sure the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.”

Democrats on lowering costs for working families:

  • DOGGETT: “[The Build Back Better Act’s] provisions guarantee that our most economically disadvantaged friends and neighbors are no longer left behind as they have been for over a decade.”
  • JACKSON LEE: “[In the Build Back Better Act], we are providing investments to ensure that Americans have access to safe and affordable housing. Providing resources to increase housing vouchers and community tribal housing.”
  • MORELLE: “This bill will help millions of Americans set a path to achieve economic security and ensure hard-working parents can confidently return to the workforce because of access to quality child care.”
  • PRICE: “Housing is infrastructure and our country’s need for more affordable housing is severe. This is a critical reason among many important reasons for advancing the [Build Back Better Act.]”

Democrats on creating jobs and ensuring hard-working Americans have a fair shot:

  • JAYAPAL: “We will finally, in this [Build Back Better] agenda, acknowledge the work of women in the care economy. Creating millions of new, good jobs, including in Pre-K, child care, and home and community-based care.”
  • JEFFRIES: “The basic American contract has always been if you work hard and play by the rules you should be able to provide a comfortable living for yourself and for your family. And be able to retire with grace and with dignity. But for far too many Americans that basic contract has been stamped null and void. The Build Back Better Act is going to restore that great big American dream.”
  • LEE: “[The Build Back Better Act] is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create historic change to meet the needs of America’s working families.”
  • SCOTT: “The average school in America is about 40 years old. In my state of Virginia, it’s about 50 years old. This investment will give school districts the resources they need to fix outdated and unsafe buildings and modernize school infrastructure to make it more climate resistant, [also creating] about one million good-paying jobs across the country.”
  • WEXTON: “The Build Back Better Plan includes funding for child care and elder care to get women back into the workforce … We’re never going to have a full recovery unless we get women back into the workplace as well.”
  • YARMUTH: “That’s why the American people – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – overwhelmingly support these investments. And it’s also why 15 Nobel Prize-winning economists and other experts back this pro-growth agenda. They cite how this plan will make our tax system more equitable, ease longer-term inflationary pressures, and help more Americans participate in the economy.”

Democrats on tackling the climate crisis:   

  • KILDEE: “We have to do what we can to support our domestic auto industry as it makes this transition to electric vehicles, so that we can drive American cars made by American workers ... And at the same time put Americans back to work.”
  • PLASKETT: “The Build Back Better Act is the true job creator – creating millions of jobs while tackling the climate crisis and ensuring that America will not only compete but lead the way to a more prosperous future. Historic investments in clean energy technologies will create two million jobs each year over the next decade, while reducing carbon emissions 50 percent by the year 2030.”
  • SCHAKOWSKY: “This funding would create a new program under the Environmental Protection Agency to assess fees on excess methane emissions from oil and gas operations… The funds that are collected will be used for industrial improvement, expanding air quality monitoring, climate resilience, and environmental restoration…This is about cutting our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and supporting [communities] that are impacted the most by excessive pollution.”
  • YARMUTH: “This reconciliation package provides resources at the scale needed to finally tackle the climate crisis, strengthen our resilience, and protect our communities. It will position the United States as a global leader in innovation and clean energy.”

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