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Watch: Yarmuth Floor Speech on GOP Tax Scam

Dec 20, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, delivered the following floor speech during today’s debate on the Republican tax bill:

Mr. Speaker, today my Republicans colleagues will vote to approve a historically unpopular bill.
The American people don’t buy Republican claims that this bill will help middle class families. In fact, in several years more than 83 million middle class families will see a tax hike.
The people see that Republicans have sold their souls and principles to give tax cuts to wealthy corporations and to pay back their billionaire donors.
They know that Republicans have abandoned any claim to fiscal responsibility. After all, nonpartisan analyses conclude this bill will add more than $1 trillion to the debt.
But the Republican leadership has a plan to make up the difference – and it’s something else. They are already working on legislation to make massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs families need.
This isn’t tax reform. This isn’t help for the middle class. It’s a scam. It’s fraud. And it will have dangerous, long-lasting consequences for the American people.
I urge my colleagues to defeat the rule and to reject this scandalous Republican donor payback legislation.