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Yarmuth Statement on Status of House GOP Budget

Sep 14, 2017

Washington, D.C.—As Republicans in Congress remain divided on their plans to use their FY18 budget reconciliation instructions to provide tax breaks to the wealthy few, House Budget Committee Ranking Member John Yarmuth issued the following statement on the status of the budget resolution:

“The Republican leadership has now made clear that the only reason they want to pass their budget is to use it as a vehicle to enact tax breaks for millionaires and wealthy corporations.  They may not care what’s in their budget, but the American people certainty do.  This is a budget that guts investments critical to expanding economic opportunity, including education, infrastructure, job training, nutrition assistance and medical research. It slashes Medicaid by $1 trillion, ends the Medicare guarantee, and strips health care coverage from more than 20 million Americans.

“The Republican Leadership is making the choice to give trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the very well-off and well-connected by cutting trillions of dollars from our top priorities – and it is a choice that the American people overwhelmingly reject.”

For more on how the House Republican budget abandons American families, read the House Budget Committee Democratic report here