Tax and Spending increases in the President’s FY2013 budget

 Tax & Spending Increase in the President's budget
 ($ in trillions)
 Revenues (taxes)  FY 2013-22
 OMB "adjusted baseline"  38.391
 President's budget  40.274
 Delta (tax increase)  1.884
 FY 2013 President's Revenue Proposals
 Tax Proposals  1.561
 Outlay Effects of Tax Proposals  0.157
 Receipt Effects of Spending Proposals  0.191
 Temporary Tax Relief  -0.025
 Total  1.884
 Spending (Outlays)
 OMB "adjusted baseline"  47.053
 President's budget  46.959
 Delta (spending reduction)  -0.094
 Remove Gimmicks1
   Remove war savings  0.848
   Add cost of doc fix  0.429
   Add cost of Pell grants  0.05
   Debt service (@18%)  0.239
 Total gimmicks  1.556
 Actual spending increase (without gimmicks)  1.472
 Adjusted baseline deficits  8.663
 Adjusted baseline deficits without gimmicks  7.097
 President's budget deficits  6.684
 Deficit reduction with gimmicks  -1.979
 Deficit reduction without gimmicks  -0.413
 1Total Gimmicks does not include $80 billion for potential “emergency” spending assumed in the President’s baseline.