Paul Ryan’s Invitation for Solutions Met (again) with Misleading Attacks

A recent analysis by the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Chief Actuary [OACT] of bipartisan reform proposals has been falsely touted as an official score of Congressman Paul’s Ryan legislative reform plan “A Roadmap for America’s Future.”  Ryan’s plan makes no changes to Social Security for those over the age of 54, while offering reforms that strengthen Social Security for future generations.

OACT’s analysis came in response to a request from Congressman Earl Pomeroy to analyze cherry-picked provisions proposed by Ryan, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, House Majority Whip James Clyburn, and The OACT analysis also includes provisions not found in Ryan’s reform plan.

As a matter of fact, both OACT and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyzed Ryan’s actual plan earlier this year:

–          View SSA OACT’s analysis of Ryan’s Social Security reforms here.  

–          View CBO’s analysis of Ryan’s comprehensive reform plan here.  

The attack highlights a more troubling revelation: the looming bankruptcy of this critical retirement security program and the current bankruptcy of ideas from Washington’s political class with respect to saving Social Security.  Since he first offered his reform plan years ago, Congressman Ryan continues to invite others to offer ideas of their own – calling upon his colleagues to end the demagoguery, break the political paralysis on this issue, and work together to advance solutions.

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