Ryan Reiterates Support for Federal Worker Pay Freeze; Calls for Additional Action to Achieve Real Savings

WASHINGTON – Earlier today, House Budget Committee Ranking Republican Paul Ryan reiterated his support for a Federal civilian employee pay freeze in light of President Obama’s embrace of this Republican spending-reduction proposal.  Regarding the President’s announcement, Ryan issued the following statement:


“The President has done the right thing today by taking steps to check the explosive growth of government.  This is the kind of cooperation we were hoping for when we advanced this proposal last May, and we’re glad to see the President embrace this spending cut proposed by House Republicans.


“While we welcome the President’s announcement to freeze Federal pay, we hope it is matched with both a hiring freeze for the Federal bureaucracy and a reduction in agency budgets so the savings aren’t recycled on new spending.  House Budget Committee Republicans included these proposals as part of over $1 trillion in specific spending cuts.  Unfortunately, House Democrats  

“I remain hopeful the President will work with House Republicans on additional efforts to cut and cap government spending, taking the much needed first steps toward getting our unsustainable structural deficits under control.”