Paul Ryan Challenges Senate Democrats’ “Abdication of Leadership”

Washington – House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement in response to the Senate Democrats’ refusal to put forward any plan to meet our nation’s greatest fiscal and economic challenges:

 “I thank Senate Majority Leader Reid for drawing attention to the bipartisan, unanimous repudiation of President Obama’s budget.  I thank Senate Budget Committee Chairman Conrad for drawing attention to the fact that it’s been 756 days since Senate Democrats passed a budget.  I am disappointed, however, in their irresponsible abdication of leadership.  Earlier this year, Republicans advanced a serious budget that saves Medicare, strengthens our safety net, and lifts our crushing burden of debt by getting government spending under control.  Our plan of action puts the budget on the path to balance and puts the economy on the path to prosperity.  President Obama’s reckless budget and Senate Democrats’ inaction, on the other hand, commit our nation to a debt-fueled economic crisis.  Senator Reid and Senator Conrad are playing politics with the health security of America’s seniors and the economic security of American families.”

Note: The President’s FY2012 budget was rejected with 97 votes in opposition and not a single vote of support from the Democrat-controlled Senate.  The House-passed budget faced insurmountable opposition from Democrats unwilling to offer solutions of their own, but it nevertheless received more support than the President’s budget in a chamber controlled by the President’s own party. Today’s votes underscore the fact that Republicans remain committed to tackle America’s greatest fiscal and economic challenges, while the President’s party remains divided over whether to stand behind the President and his budget that taxes, borrows, and spends at dangerously unsustainable levels — or simply refuse to stand behind any budget as our nation accelerates toward a debt-fueled economic crisis.

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