Paul Ryan Video Release on Surpassing $15 Trillion in National Debt

Today marks an infamous day in American history.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following video release after the United States’ national debt surpassed $15 trillion:

“Today marks an infamous day in American history. It is the day that the national debt has surpassed the $15 trillion mark. This debt is hurting not only our economy today, but will result in our children and our grandchildren experiencing a diminished future. And the President – rather than tackling this challenge, rather than facing up to our debt – is pursuing policies that are making matters worse.

“Instead of advancing credible solutions, the President remains committed to more borrowing, more spending, and more taxes. When it comes to making the tough decisions necessary to deal with our debt, the President is deferring to one commission after another, only to ignore the recommendations of these commissions. And his party’s leaders in the United States Senate? Well, it has been over 930 days since they passed a budget. I think the reason is pretty simple: the President and his party’s leaders remain unwilling to publicly commit to the kinds of tax increases that their spending appetite requires.

“You deserve a lot better than that. You deserve a credible plan. You deserve leaders willing to tackle this problem, willing to advance solutions that would lift this crushing burden of debt and make possible a growing, prosperous economy. That is exactly what we here in the House of Representatives have done, and we will continue to advance serious solutions that match the magnitude of our greatest challenges.”

Watch the Video Here