Chairman Ryan Statement on Administration’s Disappointing Dismissal of Bipartisan Cooperation

In response to the White House’s recent comments, Congressman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“I am grateful to have a partner in my friend Senator Wyden, as we work together to create space for bipartisan solutions to address our nation’s most pressing challenges.  It is disappointing to find the President of the United States increasingly isolated from this growing bipartisan consensus on efforts to save and strengthen our critical health and retirement security programs.  The President’s failure to offer credible solutions to the challenges facing Medicare is a disservice to seniors, a disservice to hardworking families, and a disservice to the next generation.  A more glaring disappointment is the President’s failure to recognize a sincere effort by a Democrat and a Republican to come together and offer solutions, betraying his own rhetoric and his own commitment to those we have the privilege to serve.  America deserves better.”

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