Ryan Makes Case for New Approach to Poverty

WASHINGTON—Today, Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin met with the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss the fight against poverty and the need to promote upward mobility. Upon the meeting’s conclusion, Chairman Ryan released the following statement:

“I want to thank my colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus for inviting me to their weekly meeting. We had an engaging and productive discussion.

“There’s no question that poverty is a serious problem, one with many causes and no easy answers. But that’s why we need to confront it. And we need to extend the conversation beyond Washington—to communities all across the country.

“Poverty isn’t just a form of deprivation; it’s a form of isolation. And though government must be part of the solution, everybody needs to get involved.

“The first step to real reform is a frank conversation. We need to figure out what works; we need to learn from people who are fighting poverty on the front lines. 

“And that conversation must go both ways. Simply defending the status quo or demanding more of the same is not an answer.

“I was happy to begin that conversation with my colleagues today, and I look forward to working with them in our renewed fight against poverty.”