Chairman Ryan Releases ‘Expanding Opportunity in America’

WASHINGTON—Today, Chairman Ryan released a new discussion draft, “Expanding Opportunity in America.” The draft proposes a new pilot project to strengthen the safety net and discusses a number of reforms to the EITC, education, criminal justice, and regressive regulation.
Upon releasing the discussion draft, Chairman Ryan made the following statement:
“Hardworking taxpayers deserve a break in this country. Too many Americans are working harder and harder to get ahead, and yet they’re falling further and further behind. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, we can all agree: America deserves better.
“So with this discussion draft, I want to start a conversation. I want to talk about how we can expand opportunity in America. I don’t have all the answers; nobody does. But by working together, we can build a healthy economy and help working families get ahead.”
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