Price Announces Staff Changes in Washington & District Offices

Today, Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06), Chair of the House Budget Committee in the upcoming 114th Congress, announced staff changes in his Washington and district offices.  

Kyle Cormney and Amanda Street will join the House Budget Committee as Policy Advisors to Chairman Price. They currently serve as Legislative Director and Policy Advisor, respectively, in Congressman Price’s Washington office.  

Ryan Murphy will join the Committee as Communications Director. Murphy currently serves as Communications Director in Price’s Washington office. Kelle Long, who currently serves as Director of Social Media in Price’s Washington office, will join the Committee as Digital and Social Media Coordinator.  

Kyle McGowan, who serves as Price’s District Director, has been named Deputy Chief of Staff. Kyle Zebley, currently the Senior Policy Advisor in Price’s Washington office, has been named Legislative Director.  

In announcing the staff changes, Congressman Price issued the following statement:  

“As we look forward to a new year filled with new opportunities, I am, as ever, grateful to have the assistance and counsel of such dedicated staff. These folks will bring years of experience and knowledge to the table as we look to enact positive solutions to the challenges facing our nation. They will be a vital part of our team’s effort to achieve real results on behalf of the American people.”