Price Statement on Constitutional Authority Task Force Report

WASHINGTON, DC – House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) issued the following statement on the release of the House GOP’s Task Force on Restoring Constitutional Authority report:

“The decline in respect for the balance of power our Founding Fathers envisioned has contributed greatly to the dysfunction in Washington and the growth in government intrusion into our daily lives. Nowhere is this more evident than the Obama Administration’s actions of the past eight years which have exhibited an outright hostility to the limits our Constitution places on the executive branch. This task force report provides a strategy for restoring the balance of power and reaffirming the principles of limited government and accountability – both of which will also help protect those powers reserved for the states. For Congress’ part, we have to reclaim the authority entrusted to us by the Constitution and nowhere is that authority more potent than through the power of the purse. Through our efforts to reform the Congressional budget process, the House Budget Committee is working to revive and strengthen the power of the purse. A successful budget process is fundamental to effective, efficient, and accountable governing.”