VIDEO: Chairman Price on Medicaid

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Medicaid program was created to make sure that those in our communities who are less fortunate from an economic standpoint are able to have health coverage. The reality is that the current program is one where Washington is dictating to the states what they must do in providing care to their Medicaid populations. The result: Medicaid patients are discovering that having health coverage does not mean having access to actual health care as they struggle to find physicians able to provide that care. Changes to the system must be made, and the solution is simple.

As House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) explains in today’s video release:

“You make it so that the states that are in charge of the system are able to provide a flexible system for their patient population. The Medicaid system is made up of four different patient populations. It’s the elderly who are on the lower end of the economic spectrum; it’s the disabled; it’s healthy moms; and it’s kids…But what the federal government says to states is that you’ve got to treat each and every one of those individuals exactly the same when in fact they don’t have the same health challenges. So we think it’s important to allow the states to be able to utilize those resources that are there to provide care and coverage for the Medicaid population, to do so in a way that they define. They’re much closer to their Medicaid population. They know what they need.”

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Rather than a top down system that is not working for patients or states, House Republicans are proposing solutions that would allow Medicaid beneficiaries to access a system that would be more responsive, provide greater choices and a higher quality of care. To learn more, go to Better.GOP.