Budget Redo – As Told by TV Shows and Movies Based in the 70s

On Wednesday, the House Budget Committee released a proposal to overhaul the 1974 Congressional Budget Act. You can read the full discussion draft by clicking here or a still fairly detailed summary here. But if you are short on time, here is a quick breakdown.

1. Many things came out of the 1970s that have only gotten better with time – like Apple, Email, and some great entertainment.

2. Far out. But some things born in the 70s haven’t stood the test of time – like the 1974 Budget Act.

3. This outdated act is cumbersome, complex, and encourages Washington to spend more money.

4. The good news is: the House Budget Committee is developing a new proposal that throws out what’s not working and puts in place a process that’s more efficient, effective, and accountable.

5. Pretty groovy. We are going to overhaul the 1974 Budget Act to protect Congress’ Constitutional authority, control spending, increase transparency, and enforce a sustainable budget.

6. Republicans are fighting to fix a broken Washington.

7. Learn more about Budget Process Reform here. Can you dig it?