Interim House Budget Committee Chairman Black Responds to CBO Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Interim House Budget Committee Chairman Diane Black of Tennessee issued the following statement after CBO released its Budget and Economic Outlook. CBO projects deficits of $9.4 trillion over the next decade, the national debt to rise to $24.9 trillion by 2027, and for economic growth to average only 1.9 percent over the next decade.”

“Today’s report from the CBO is former President Obama’s legacy of an unsustainable national debt and an economy that’s leaving too many people behind. Thankfully, we have new leadership in the White House, and Republicans in Congress are preparing pro-growth legislation that will get our economy moving at full steam again and tackle our fiscal problems head on. It’s time to reject the failed policies of the past, and as interim chairman of the House Budget Committee, I’m ready to work with my colleagues to achieve our goals of strong economic growth and being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”