Open the marketplace back up again and allow more competition

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, House Budget Committee Chairman Diane Black appeared on the PBS Newshour to discuss the American Health Care Act and how this bill creates more competition to help drive down costs and allows states to tailor their Medicaid program to fit the unique needs of their populations.

You can watch the full interview here and check out key highlights below.

On how competition, not government, helps lower costs:

“First of all, we want to make sure everyone knows we’re not going to pull the rug out from underneath of them. But what we do want to do is open the marketplace back up again and allow more competition. … Out of the 23 co-ops, 18 are gone. Which meant here in my state when we lost that co-op, over 20,000 people who were in that health care policy lost their insurance because you just can’t afford it when it’s government-run and there are so many requirements on it, it drives the cost of the policy up.”

On modernizing Medicaid for the 21st century:

“We are still going to have Medicaid there for them. But it’s going to be changed in the way it’s done so it’s more patient-centered. We’re also going to give the states an opportunity to make a decision about how they can best use those dollars. What’s good for New York and California is not necessarily what’s good for here in the state of Tennessee. And we’ll allow the governor here in our state to make that decision about how best to spend those dollars that are sent down from Washington.”