Chairman Womack Responds to Chairman Enzi Floor Remarks

WASHINGTON – House Budget Committee Chairman Steve Womack released the below statement thanking Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi after he today delivered a speech from the Senate floor in favor of biennial appropriations. Chairman Enzi’s remarks come during the ongoing effort of the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Reform, co-chaired by Chairman Womack, to identify and recommend substantive reforms to improve the budget and appropriations process in Congress.

“I thank Chairman Enzi for highlighting the importance of reforming the budget process and offering specific solutions to do so,” said Chairman Womack. “I am particularly encouraged by his support for the concept of biennial appropriating as a potential improvement. Without question, his firsthand and tenured experience on the Senate Budget Committee give merit to the recommendations he brought forth today.

“I agree with my Senate counterpart – the size and complexity of federal budgeting have made it nearly impossible for the modern Congress to responsibly fulfill our duty to fund the entirety of our government on time each year. As co-chair of the Joint Select Committee tasked with reforming the process, I am committed to finding and enacting the solutions necessary to ensure regular order and a functional process for the American people.”