October 15, 2022

Smith: Republicans' Commitment to America Demands a Future Built on Freedom

House Republicans have unveiled a Commitment to America – a commitment to create a future built on freedom that empowers American families, not the Washington bureaucracy.
“Over the last two years, Democrats have shown their ultimate goal is gaining control over every aspect of Americans’ lives – whether it's stifling innovation in our health care or treating parents who speak up on behalf of their own kids’ education as some sort of threat. Republicans know that Americans don’t need Congress to tell them where to go to the doctor or how to raise their children. Health care costs too much for too many families and Democrats’ only solutions are restrictive price controls and bailing out Obamacare. House Republicans will fight for greater transparency and choices in health care while protecting innovation and access to new cures. The American people are ready for a new direction and government that works for them, instead of trying to impose its will on them.” - House Budget Committee Republican Leader Jason Smith (MO-08)
LOWERING COSTS House Republicans will deliver better health outcomes at lower costs by:
  • Halting the ever-expanding Washington Democrat takeover of health care
  • Taking politics out of the doctor’s office by rewarding outcomes instead of woke ideology
  • Supporting policies that promote transparency and competition, not socialist price controls
FAMILY FREEDOM House Republicans will support parents and students by:
  • Protecting parents’ involvement in their children’s education
  • Prioritizing taxpayer resources for American students over illegal immigrants
DEMOCRAT HEALTH CARE FAILURES Democrats are playing political games with health care, giving subsidies to wealthy families while making it more unaffordable for working families.
KEEPING KIDS BEHIND President Biden is continuing the same policies that led to historic learning loss: