Womack Statement on Joint Select Committee Final Vote

WASHINGTON – Today, Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform Co-Chair Steve Womack released the following statement after the panel voted down its recommendations with five Republicans and two Democrats voting in the affirmative, three Republicans and two Democrats voting in opposition, and four Democrats voting present.

“Today, after a year of hard work, we had the wonderful opportunity to serve as an example to our colleagues and our country—the opportunity to prove that Washington can work together. We let them down. Despite the fact that the reforms agreed to by the Joint Select Committee and included in our proposal were all adopted with a bipartisan, bicameral supermajority of our panel, we couldn’t get across the finish line.

“I am extremely disappointed in our failure and in my colleagues who lacked the ‘political will’ we have preached is so needed in Washington to vote out this good, bipartisan proposal. Their votes were on politics, not product and proved us deserving of Congress’s low approval rating.”