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GOP's "Wrong Way" Agenda – By The Numbers

Jul 6, 2016

Wrong Way

The Wrong Way to Govern

By the Numbers


New Republican reports show their vision of governing. They got it completely wrong.

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Task Force reports from Speaker Ryan. Long on rhetoric but short on details, they amount to little more than recycled ideas that would harm our economy.






Number of Task Force reports that provide a cost estimate or a realistic plan to implement their recommendations. Task Force plans have essentially no details, hiding their damaging impact on the lives of Americans.






The percentage of major tax breaks that benefits the top 1% of American income earners. And yet, Republicans are unwilling to use a single dollar of savings from tightening these provisions for the purpose of deficit reduction.




$137 billion


The amount Republicans cut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) over 10 years in their budget resolution. The glossy Task Force report says there will be no cuts associated with their poverty initiatives. Which is the true Republican policy – one outlined in a toothless report, or what they proposed in their budget resolution?




20 million


The number of people who have gained health coverage because of the Affordable Care Act, which the Task Force report proposes to repeal.




$1.6 million


The average income of the top one percent, who stand to benefit disproportionately from the Republican Task Force reports. The Republican plan certainly is a better way for multi-millionaires.






The minimum wage since 2009. In real terms, the minimum wage is roughly one-third less than in the late 1960s. Republican Task Force reports do not support increasing the minimum wage.




18 billion


The amount Republicans cut in the 2017 defense authorization bill from what military commanders say is needed to support troops deployed overseas in order to purchase weapons systems and other items our military didn’t request. This flies in the face of the Task Force’s view that “we cannot continue to send our troops into harms’ way when they are not fully prepared and fully supported.”






The number of votes needed to pass a budget resolution in the House, far less than the 247 Republican Members. Yet, the 2017 budget resolution has not been brought up for a vote because Republicans can’t control the extreme Tea Party wing of their party. So instead of passing legislation, they offer vague Task Force reports to distract Americans from their own failure to govern.