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Top Reasons to Support the Democratic Budget

Oct 2, 2017

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Prioritizes American families and creates good-paying jobs by investing in infrastructure, research, and education ― The budget allows for investments in all types of infrastructure – highways, school construction, broadband, and others. It supports cutting-edge research and innovation, which spurs economic growth and creates jobs. To boost educational opportunities, it enhances the Pell Grant program and funds career, technical, and adult education, and it supports initiatives to help borrowers manage their student debt.

Supports American workers and families through responsible tax reform ― The Democratic budget supports responsible tax reform that creates jobs, boosts economic growth, and ensures that the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share. It assists Americans facing stagnant wages and growing financial burdens, such as the rising costs of childcare, education, and retirement, while closing loopholes exploited by billionaires, special interests, and powerful corporations.  

Promotes economic growth and expanded opportunity ― To drive higher wages and expand economic growth, the Democratic budget supports raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, immigration reform, and consumers safeguards. It also removes barriers to economic opportunity, by supporting childcare, job training, and paid leave.

Calls for parity between defense and non-defense spending ― The Democratic budget raises the arbitrary and irresponsibly low spending caps that threaten our security, our economy, and our nation’s standing in the world. The budget protects the principle of parity and increases defense and non-defense funding by equal amounts.

Protects a basic standard of living ― The Democratic budget adheres to the belief that every American deserves a basic standard of living.  It safeguards funding for programs that ensure families can access nutrition assistance, find and afford quality housing in their neighborhood, and heat and cool their homes when extreme temperatures hit. It supports strengthening and expanding the EITC and accommodates increased resources for TANF while focusing the program’s funds on its core services.

Defends and strengthens the Affordable Care Act and protects Medicare ― The Democratic budget accommodates initiatives to strengthen the ACA to improve affordability and stability of health coverage in the individual market. It rejects Trumpcare, which allows insurers to rig the system against people with pre-existing conditions, raises costs for older Americans, and increases the number of uninsured by more than 20 million. The Democratic budget rejects any plan to turn Medicare into a voucher-like system that would increase costs for seniors.

Rejects false choice on national security ― The Democratic budget invests in all aspects of national security, including our military and diplomatic corps, foreign aid, homeland security, veterans, and law enforcement. The budget supports our troops at the level requested by the President, but rejects the Republican budget’s 19 percent cut to diplomacy and foreign aid operations.