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July 24, 2014

Chairman Ryan Releases ‘Expanding Opportunity in America’

WASHINGTON—Today, Chairman Ryan released a new discussion draft, “Expanding Opportunity in America.” The draft proposes a new pilot project to strengthen the safety net and discusses a number of reforms to the EITC, education, criminal justice, and regressive regulation. Upon releasing the discussion draft, Chairman Ryan made the following statemen... See More

July 24, 2014

Paul Ryan: An opportunity to cut poverty

This week, our economy received some bad news: The International Monetary Fund revised its projection for U.S. economic growth this year to just 1.7%. Working families will pay the price. Real median household income is still lower than before the recession. Deep poverty in America has reached record levels over the past three years. We need to exp... See More

July 24, 2014

‘Expanding Opportunity in America’

Hi, everybody. I want to thank Arthur, our panel, and everyone at AEI for hosting us here today. I look forward to hearing from everybody. But let’s start with a principle we can all agree on: Hardworking taxpayers deserve a break in this country. Too many families are working harder and harder to get ahead, and yet they’re falling further and fur... See More

July 17, 2014

Ryan's Opening Statement: The President’s Funding Request for Overseas Contingency Operations

Hi, everybody, and welcome. Today we’re going to review the President’s funding request for the global war on terrorism. There is widespread agreement on this committee that we need to carefully budget for our war-time needs and also that the war-funding designation must not become—in the words of the ranking member—“a slush fund.” If the Defense D... See More

April 10, 2014

Ryan: A Budget That Trusts the American People

The House of Representatives passed the fiscal year 2015 budget, The Path to Prosperity. Before the vote, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin delivered remarks on the House floor. See More

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