Sounding the Alarm: A Nation at Risk

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April 2024
February 2024
Biden's Border Blunder: Tik Tok Tactics, Chinese Social Media’s Role in Exploiting our Open Border
BIDEN'S BORDER BLUNDER: Budget Chairman Arrington Leads Amicus Brief in Support of S.B. 4 in United States v. Texas
January 2024
Biden's Border Blunder
BIDEN'S BORDER BUST: House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and the House Committee on Homeland Security Release Report on Insights from Border Patrol Sector Chiefs at the Southwest Border
Deficits Rise, U.S. Economy Remains Underwater
December 2023
Democrats Tenfold Gamble On Solyndra - Department of Energy Inspector General Sounds the Alarm on $400+ Billion Green Energy Loan Program
November 2023
Moody’s Bleak U.S. Economic Outlook: From Stable to Negative
Democrat Drug Price Controls Continue to Kill New Medicines, Limiting Tools to Reduce Long-Term Health Care Spending
Record-High Household Debt Points To Extreme Economic Malaise
TREASURY BORROWING BLITZ: Treasury Rolls Out $776 Billion Borrowing Announcement
Americans Spooked: Consumer Confidence in a Tailspin
October 2023
Treasury Bond Yields on the Rise: What it Means for American Families
Go Woke, Go Broke
A Slippery Slope: Interest Rates on the RISE
Penn Wharton Warns America Heads Toward an Irreparable Debt Crisis
August 2023
An Expensive Way to Achieve Higher EV Adoption
High Interest Rates May be Here to Stay – And National Debt Is Partially to Blame
Americans Are Paying More for Fuel, Energy as Bidenflation Rages On
Rising Debt Could Slash Income Growth by $14,100
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