HBC Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in applying for an internship position with the  House Budget Committee Republicans. We are currently seeking dependable and professional individuals with a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

An internship with the House Budget Committee provides students with a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the federal legislative process by working on Capitol Hill.  The Budget Committee Internship Program is an exciting and educational experience that offers broad insight into the legislative policy-making process while allowing students the chance to apply classroom learning to real Congressional work.

As an intern with the House Budget Committee, you will provide vital support by assisting Committee staff in assignments that include compiling the daily Budget News Clips, sorting and processing mail, answering the phones, assembling reference material, administrative support, and special projects. Much of the work you will do is actual work performed on a daily basis by other members of the Committee staff.

Full and part-time positions are available throughout the year to students currently enrolled in college or recent graduates. College students pursuing a Political Science and/or Economics major, or those interested in government, are encouraged to apply. Internships during the school year last a full semester. Summer internships are also available. Course credit may be available through your school. Paid internships are available to any student working full time and who is not receiving course credits.

Please complete and return the application, along with your resume, cover letter and one-page writing sample to the email address listed below.

HBC Internship Application

Please submit this application, your resume, cover letter, and one-page writing sample as one PDF package to budget.interns@mail.house.gov.

If you would prefer this method, you may submit all application materials to: 

House Budget Committee Republicans
507 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 226 – 7270

Applications are due by the following dates:
Summer Term – March 1
Fall Term – June 29
January Term – November 16 (Internship Dates are Jan. 2 – Jan. 31)
Spring Term – November 16

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply with the office which most appropriately reflects their political views. Those interested in interning for the Minority (Democrat) Staff can find their internship information on their website.

 Any questions about the House Budget Committee internship program can be sent to Budget.Interns@mail.house.gov