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Sep 12
Our country’s economic gains have disproportionately benefited the top 1 percent. Meanwhile, working families and those living paycheck to paycheck have seen slowing wage and income growth even as the costs of housing, health care, and other necessities have grown to consume more of their budgets. Despite recovery efforts following the Great Recession, decades of rising income inequality remain one of the most pressing economic challenges facing our country today. The House Budget Committee will hear testimony on September 19th on the real harm of inequality and solutions that can improve the economic status of working families.
Sep 05
Every year, millions of Americans go to the doctor’s office for an annual check-up, a lab test, a diagnosis for an illness or injury, a prescription refill, or a referral to a specialist. This routine appointment would be a fundamentally different experience without the federal government’s efforts to promote the health and well-being of all Americans.
Aug 21
Americans’ tax return data for the first tax year under the Republicans’ 2017 tax law and actual economic data continue to remind working families and Main Street small businesses of the GOP tax law’s broken promises.
Aug 19
Press Release
Top Democratic budget leaders in the House and Senate sent a letter to the Trump Administration today expressing concerns over a reported rescission package that would cancel more than $4 billion in previously appropriated funding.