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September 2023
INFLATION HERE TO STAY: Budget Chairman Arrington Reacts to New PCEPI Report
ICYMI: Chairman Arrington Joins The Claman Countdown
ICYMI: Americans Feel the Sting from the Fed’s Rate Hikes
ICYMI: House Budget Panel Republicans Deliver Plan to Tackle $33T Debt.
ICYMI: Chairman Arrington joins Mornings with Maria
ICYMI: Chairman Arrington joins Fox News to Discuss Upcoming Funding Fight
ICYMI: The Coming Green Energy Bailout
August 2023
ICYMI: Drug Price Controls Mean Slower Cures
ICYMI: Rising Gasoline Prices Hit Inflation-Weary Americans.
ICYMI: Mortgage Rates Hit 7.09%, Highest in More Than 20 Years
ICYMI: Biden’s IRS Chases Chump Change
ICYMI: Everyone Is Forgetting About GROWTH
ICYMI: Medicaid Redeterminations Protect the Most Vulnerable
ICYMI: Chairman Arrington on Squawk Box to Discuss Fitch Downgrade
ICYMI: Chairman Arrington on Fox Business to Discuss Fitch Downgrade
ICYMI: House Republicans Must Deliver a Balanced Budget
July 2023
ICYMI: The Latest Extraordinary Findings on Pandemic Improper Payments
June 2023
ICYMI: The Continuing Unreality of Bidenomics
ICYMI: Why President Biden’s Moratorium on Student Loan Repayments was a Bad Idea
ICYMI: Biden’s Drug Price Controls Kill Innovation and Drive-Up Long-Term Costs
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