March 16, 2023

Biden’s Budget: A Government That’s Unaccountable

Grows the Bloated Bureaucracy:
  • Expands the EPA with a $1.9 billion (19%) funding increase to hire 2,400 additional EPA employee, growing the agency’s bureaucracy to over 17,000 agents.
  • Fuels climate alarmism with $5 billion to target greenhouse gases, $1.8 billion for environmental justice grants, and nearly $500 million to supercharge enforcement of Green New Deal environmental policies.
  • Spends $130 million to further regulate chemical markets by slapping socialist price controls on prescription drugs, reducing innovation and preventing life-saving medications from entering the market.
  • Weaponizes the IRS with $43.2 billion in new funding—on top of the $80 billion the IRS was given last year.
    • $14.1 billion in discretionary funding this year
    • $29.1 billion in additional mandatory funding over ten years
    • Punishes small businesses with $2.5 billion in fines for petty violations of overreaching DOL regulations.
Spends American’s Hard-Earned Dollars on Woke and Wasteful Programs:
  • Boosts funding for the Office of Federal Student Aid to $2.7 billion to give out more student loans that taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for.
  • Rewards Fauci-esque bureaucrats by giving the NIH $48.6 billion, an increase of $920 million, including $25 million increase to expand NIH’s research on Climate Change.
  • Gives the Title X Family Planning program $512 million, a 79 percent increase, which provides money to organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide abortion services.
  • Provides for $366 million to study the effects of climate change and to measure greenhouse gas emissions on federal lands.
  • Provides a $178 million, a 27 percent funding increase, for civil right enforcement at the Department of Education.
  • Spends $100 million to promote racial and socioeconomic diversity in schools.
  • Spends $32 million dollars to advance “equity” in the National Park Service.
  • Allocates $13 million to strengthen the environmental justice mission of Department of Energy’s Office of Legacy Management.

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